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  • Conan-1175221, 32 from Oxnard, CA
    32, Oxnard, CA
    I will return to update this later, especially since I do not know what to say at this moment. I will return to update this later, especially since I do not know what to ...
  • Stella-1022397, 30 from London, GBR
    30, London, GBR
    This is not going to be very wordy i am afraid but just to give you a quick glimspe... I am passionate about Pro Life work, music and my faith, I am a musician who works in a ...
  • Teodoro-1129441, 31 from San Antonio, TX
    31, San Antonio, TX
    I am a Catholic shop employee who is also studying for a Master of Business Administration degree. I plan to graduate in less than two years. I really love the Catholic faith ...
  • Nicholas-926515, 30 from Columbus, OH
    30, Columbus, OH
    The last couple of years has been a journey of sorts spiritually for myself, mostly building up what was already there but forging it in the gauntlet of life. It's been quite ...
  • Miranda-1154414, 29 from Singapore, SGP
    29, Singapore, SGP
    Bookworm, Singer, Dancer, Love Art & Culture, Marketing Professional Sincerity: It does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices to the truth - Paulo Coelho
  • Nathan-1159597, 25 from Cypress, CA
    25, Cypress, CA
    My name is Nathan, I am twenty five years old and I am currently working full time while also attending school to pursue my degree. My friends would describe me as funny, loya...
  • Vickie-1095155, 30 from Mead, WA
    30, Mead, WA
    I'm a fun loving, sarcastic, vivacious person with many other great qualities in between! You'll have to wait and see what all the other fun adjectives are that I could descr...
  • Casey-1159225, 33 from San Francisco, CA
    33, San Francisco, CA
    I am interested in films, music, sports, food, books, travel, and exercise. In my free time I like to be at leisure, whether that is going to the beach, playing softball, watc...
  • Mary-1097909, 25 from Baton Rouge, LA
    25, Baton Rouge, LA
    I admit I prefer meeting people in person and dislike some of the more impersonal aspects of online sites. There's something to be said for getting to know another person as f...
  • Nick-1176742, 26 from Melbourne, AUS
    26, Melbourne, AUS
    My name is Nick and I'm passionate about music but more importantly my Catholic faith! I enjoy going to musicals (something I grew up doing), classical music concerts and j...
  • Nicholas-1063760, 32 from Odessa, TX
    32, Odessa, TX
    Greetings, I'm Nick in Texas. I was raised traditional Catholic and spent five years in a traditional Catholic seminary in Minnesota. I was not called to the priesthood, but t...
  • Giordano-1163605, 28 from Pescara, ITA
    28, Pescara, ITA
    I'm a guy who puts the lord jesus christ in first place in my life. I love the Virgin Mary and the honor with the holy rosary. I love Almighty God for his infinite goodness....
  • John-1044650, 29 from Sparks, NV
    29, Sparks, NV
    Traditional Catholic man who accepts all church teachings, rejects all heretical ones, and attends Latin Mass. I am more than willing to share additional information about my...
  • Remy-Christophe-1090817, 26 from McLean, VA
    26, McLean, VA
    Born and raised in McLean, VA, a suburb of Washington, DC, to an eclectic and eccentric bunch that I'm proud to call my family, I love God, the Church, my family, my country, ...
  • Miroslaw-1060282, 27 from Kiev, UKR
    27, Kiev, UKR
    Hello! My name is Miroslaw. I'm living in Kiev, Ukraine. Few years ago I graduated. Now I'm working and training. Love track and field. Worked as an architect. I am lookin...
  • Glorianne-619248, 33 from Cagayan de Oro, PHL
    33, Cagayan de Oro, PHL
    I am a middle child, I grew up with brothers and have quite a few young male friends. I am simple and love good conversations. Did some sketches, charcoal painting before bu...
  • Mike-193697, 33 from Bakersfield, CA
    33, Bakersfield, CA
    i am a devout catholic i work hard to put Christ at the center of my life. i believe in all the church's teachings, and have great devotions to Mary the eucharist and the angl...
  • Ben-971531, 28 from Stuart, FL
    28, Stuart, FL
    I'm the son of Guatemalan immigrants, born and raised in Stuart, FL. I am the oldest of 4 (2 brothers and 1 sister). What I enjoy doing most is spending time with my grandp...
  • Mike-1110939, 32 from Cincinnati, OH
    32, Cincinnati, OH
    I like to be active and enjoy adventure. I play several summer sports including sand volleyball and softball. I got into running over the past 2 years and ran my first full ma...
  • Ygnacio-1110605, 35 from Miami, FL
    35, Miami, FL
    I am like a big kid. I love children and if I could I would have 50 kids, but I don't think my future wife could handle that.... LMBO. I love to laugh and have fun. I am r...