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  • Augustine-1003744, 35 from Upper Marlboro, MD
    35, Upper Marlboro, MD
    I am a soft -spoken person, easy going. I like to take it a day at a time, love to hang out and have fun. My family have always been my greatest influence to keep working ha...
  • Matt-849404, 26 from Waite Park, MN
    26, Waite Park, MN
    Hi! My name is Matt, I am third oldest in a family of 7 kids, I am a Catholic man and very traditional. I have a passion for the performing arts, whether I'm on stage or in th...
  • Sarah-1132389, 25 from San Antonio, TX
    25, San Antonio, TX
    I love everything about Catholicism! I am very active in the Church right now, specifically Young Adult Ministry in San Antonio. I'm always looking to grow in my faith and lea...
  • Ashley-1137498, 26 from Saint Louis, MO
    26, Saint Louis, MO
    Hello! My name is Ashley, and this is my first time on Catholic Match. I went to college for accounting, and I work in the financial services industry. I was raised Catholic,...
  • Rachael-729451, 29 from Long Beach, CA
    29, Long Beach, CA
    I am here because the type of guy I am looking for seems to be quite rare now days. I would like to meet a quality guy who takes his faith seriously and strives to live it dai...
  • Cory-789423, 27 from Bourbonnais, IL
    27, Bourbonnais, IL
    Hi! My name is Cory and currently I am a paraprofessional working with special needs kids. My goal is to be a high-school history teacher and be darn good at it. When I'm not ...
  • Lisa-576695, 28 from Waterbury, CT
    28, Waterbury, CT
    I keep getting bogged down in trying to create a perfect statement of who I am but I realize that making such a thing limits me. So what am I going to say? I am a daughter o...
  • Angela-1107918, 32 from Greenwood, CA
    32, Greenwood, CA
    So I have changed my introduction a few times, mostly because I don't really know what to say. I am really new at this whole dating thing, so let's start off with, I think tha...
  • Jose-1078636, 32 from Naples, FL
    32, Naples, FL
    I am at the point where I am looking, but letting GOD find me the right one. So, while I may seem interested or very interested, I am just wanting to get to know you and s...
  • Santiago-1133268, 26 from Baton Rouge, LA
    26, Baton Rouge, LA
    My first description is that I'm Roman Catholic. I enjoy doing outdoor activities, volunteering and being involved in political activities or just analyzing politics from a Ca...
  • Jon-891436, 25 from Grand Junction, CO
    25, Grand Junction, CO
    My name is Jon . I am a graduate from the Colorado School of Mines. Got my degree in petroleum engineering and currently am working in Parachute Colorado. I love my faith....
  • Kevin-637033, 27 from Centereach, NY
    27, Centereach, NY
    I put Him first in my life. I pray and go to mass, benediction as often as possible. I am an Italian Catholic Conservative and was brought up in a great family environment. My...
  • Jim-873983, 25 from Scottsdale, AZ
    25, Scottsdale, AZ
    I am a loyal servant of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Roman Catholic Church and His Holiness, the Pope. I try to live my life like a member of the knighthood. With the Cod...
  • Andrew-613475, 34 from Cincinnati, OH
    34, Cincinnati, OH
    I like to think of myself as just a normal person.. I try not to get too wrapped up in the world of superficiality and labels, so what you see is what you get. I'm generally p...
  • Vincent-784814, 26 from Franklin, LA
    26, Franklin, LA
    hey my name is vincent i'm 24 i come from a small town. For work i build houses i have been doing it sence i was 13 , I like bowling,playing paintball,fish but only when im ca...
  • Kristin-857497, 27 from Saint Paul, MN
    27, Saint Paul, MN
    Hi. I am a friendly, considerate, responsible person. I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends. I love to laugh and enjoy goofing around, although I also appre...
  • Brittany-1037576, 26 from Middletown, OH
    26, Middletown, OH
    I am a positive, outgoing lady who is looking for a nice Catholic gentleman. I am very easy going and excited to try new things. Being healthy and active provides me with new ...
  • Aretha-942371, 30 from Redlands, CA
    30, Redlands, CA
    I am passionate about helping people, singing and volunteering in my church, taking nice hikes, walking in the city, watching nice scifi movies, taking nice minitrips on the w...
  • Regina-406943, 25 from Storrs Mansfield, CT
    25, Storrs Mansfield, CT
    Hi, I'm Gigi. I know it says Regina up there, but a sweet little girl started calling me Gigi a few years ago (Aunt Gina is hard when you're three) we are. Also, ...
  • John-1044650, 28 from Sparks, NV
    28, Sparks, NV
    Traditionalist Catholic who accepts all church teachings, and rejects all heretical ones. I adhere to Pre-Vatican two teachings, and attend the Traditional Latin Mass.