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  • Natasha, 31 from Lexington, NC
    31, Lexington, NC
    i am a simple woman with good heart, Down to earth, loving and caring, I am far from a millionaire and am not out for anything but love from someone. Having someone that loves...
  • Faby, 31 from Sao Paulo, BR
    31, Sao Paulo, BR
    Words can tell a lot about us, but to meet someone it takes more than words. It is necessary attitudes. In the Bible, Christ asks us a faith with attitude. ;)
  • Antonio, 30 from Los Angeles, CA
    30, Los Angeles, CA
    About me in progress or currently unavailable...
  • Mary, 28 from Hammond, IN
    28, Hammond, IN
    I love Nature. Like to spend time outside. My family is very important for me. I like animals. Someday I would like to go back to school finish my career and spend tim...
  • Lonnie, 29 from Thibodaux, LA
    29, Thibodaux, LA
    Occupation: Artistic / Musical / Writer;  Height: 5' 8";  Eye Color: Brown;  Hair Color: Black;  Political ...
  • Susan, 32 from Spartanburg, SC
    32, Spartanburg, SC
    The best was to describe myself is not like anyone else. I have a lot of typical "girl characteristics" such as a love for sappy movies and being a hopeless romantic, but I a...
  • Mona, 35 from California City, CA
    35, California City, CA
    I am looking for a man who believes in serious and ever-lasting relations between a man and a woman. And I wish to find a open-minded man, understanding and caring person. Any...
  • Jose, 27 from El Paso, TX
    27, El Paso, TX
    I am a night adorer. Once a month I adore the Blessed Sacrament overnight. I am studying Apologetic because I think that it is very important to know my faith and to defend it...
  • Charles, 33 from Prince Frederick, MD
    33, Prince Frederick, MD
    My name is Charles but most people call me Casey. I'm passionate about Jesus, my savior in so many ways, but I have other loves as well. I run a farm with my mom, who lives ...
  • Isabel, 30 from Austin, TX
    30, Austin, TX
    I spend most of my days working with 5 years olds except when summer comes around. Yup, you guessed it ! I'm a teacher! Well, when I'm not working I enjoy dancing, movies,...
  • Miguel, 31 from Fayetteville, NC
    31, Fayetteville, NC
    I have 3 wonderful Babies I love very much. When I'm with them I love every moment. I'm very family base and I pride in that. I like spend my time with the babies if I do not ...
  • Sarah, 31 from Melbourne, AU
    31, Melbourne, AU
    Hi! Im Sarah. I guess Ill write something that would either would want you to know me more or skip. Ill make it simple. Its really important for me to get right match. If y...
  • David Andrew, 27 from San Antonio, TX
    27, San Antonio, TX
    Hi I'm David, I just graduated from UTSA with my Bachelors in Civil Engineering. Now that I'm out of school I'm looking to explore life and see what the Lord will place before...
  • Rochelle, 25 from Toronto, ON, CA
    25, Toronto, ON, CA
    Hello! My name is Rochelle. I was raised in Saudi Arabia and India but now I live in Toronto. Besides my career, I'm quite passionate about horseback riding, singing and bakin...
  • Amy, 31 from Rome, IT
    31, Rome, IT
    * sorry, I'm not in/from the location that I clicked. I'm avoiding the people who may know me coz that would be embarrassing. I'm somewhere in South East Asia. The truth is...
  • Toby, 33 from Westminster, CO
    33, Westminster, CO
    I am Native American about 7 different tribes, Italian, French, Irish /Scottish , black,Mexican( that is Spanish + Mayan) , Iranian, and a little English. I am a guy who d...
  • Anthony, 35 from Canberra, AU
    35, Canberra, AU
    I am passionate about God and Jesus who guide me everyday, my family, my friends, my dogs of which i have two that I adore, reading, sport and movies. My parents and grandpar...
  • Jose, 25 from Gilbert, AZ
    25, Gilbert, AZ
    Hi, my name is Jose, and I'm a simple man looking for his better half. Above all, I value family and love. My father is the most influential person in my life, and my mother i...
  • Rich, 29 from New York, NY
    29, New York, NY
    By way of introduction, here's three things about me, in no particular order: -I'm recently settled in NYC after six years in the Army. I loved being a soldier and I miss it,...
  • Sadery, 35 from Santo Domingo, DO
    35, Santo Domingo, DO
    About me in progress or currently unavailable...