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  • Brittany, 27 from Grosse Ile Township, MI
    27, Grosse Ile Township, MI
    I have been Catholic for a little over 5 years. Although I do not attend mass as regularly as I should, my faith is very important to me. I am looking for someone who shares t...
  • David Tan, 26 from Malacca, MY
    26, Malacca, MY
    I am a school teacher in a government school. I am a Catholic convert and I was received into the Catholic Church during Easter Vigil 2016. I am so blessed to be part of the o...
  • Konstantin, 31 from Landsberg Am Lech, DE
    31, Landsberg Am Lech, DE
    I am Traditional Roman Catholic (convert from a protestant/Eastern orthodox family background) passionate about the Catholic Faith and especially the Great Commission. I wish ...
  • David, 31 from Brownsville, TX
    31, Brownsville, TX
    Right now I'm unemployed. But I love to work hard. I live with my family and I love them. I have college education and I plan on someday marrying and having kids of my own, o...
  • Jacob, 25 from Mexico City, MX
    25, Mexico City, MX
    Law student, Catholic, bohemian for hobby, gentleman by conviction. I enjoy the little details that life offers, all whats harmonic and tends to beauty: Poetry, music, histo...
  • Guadalupe, 29 from Los Angeles, CA
    29, Los Angeles, CA
    Hello, my name is Guadalupe. I love to travel, go to the movies, family gatherings, go to church, and enjoy going to the beach. I want to meet a man who is ready for commitmen...
  • Camila, 30 from Chelmsford, MA
    30, Chelmsford, MA
    About me in progress or currently unavailable...
  • Simon, 33 from Montreal, QC, CA
    33, Montreal, QC, CA
    Hi There, I'll add a bit more meat around the bone later but bottom line, I just recently renewed my faith and looking to meet hopefully someone, of the opposite gender of cou...
  • Juliana, 26 from Salem, OR
    26, Salem, OR
    Veritas! This motto of the Dominican Order succinctly expresses the ideal of my life: to live in conformity with God's Truth and to be His instrument in passing it on to other...
  • William, 29 from Rochester Hills, MI
    29, Rochester Hills, MI
    I am currently working full-time and going to law school full-time. (Law school is the worst by the way, don't go, get your PhD in something you love.) I am not really sure I ...
  • Joseph, 32 from Denver, CO
    32, Denver, CO
    I was raised Catholic, but poorly. I fell away from the Faith for years. Thankfully about 10 years ago I came back. Since then I've discovered the beauty of the Church's teach...
  • Jason, 33 from Hyderabad, IN
    33, Hyderabad, IN
    I am passionate about my faith. I look forward most to starting a family. St. John Paul II has been very influential in my life. I enjoy listening to music and learning more a...
  • Manuel, 35 from Santiago, CL
    35, Santiago, CL
    About me in progress or currently unavailable...
  • Jesse Michael, 32 from Spring, TX
    32, Spring, TX
    I play and watch sports. Soccer, baseball, football, boxing, basketball and ufc. Travel from time to time. I enjoy being outdoors most of the time . I enjoy being at home.
  • Noura, 34 from Cairo, EG
    34, Cairo, EG
    About me in progress or currently unavailable...
  • Nedu, 34 from San Marcos, TX
    34, San Marcos, TX
    I am passionate about the arts and its subtlety in addressing our deep seated innermost thoughts. I look forward to sharing my life with a true friend and companion. My pare...
  • Charlotte, 34 from Lima District, PE
    34, Lima District, PE
    Hi, I'm Charlotte but everybody call me ICha. I'm a teacher at Catholic school and I teach third grade. I love my job. I speak English and French. I live with my mom in a beau...
  • Daniel, 31 from Pasadena, CA
    31, Pasadena, CA
    I am a Catholic lay man trying to build a small business. I teach high school to make ends meet while gathering a clientele for my private practice in marriage and family ther...
  • Kelly, 31 from Kissimmee, FL
    31, Kissimmee, FL
    What are you passionate about, what do you look forward to the most? I love being with My Family, Going out to dinner, going to the movies or going for coffee. What experie...
  • John, 28 from Coventry, GB
    28, Coventry, GB
    Just wanted to try this out, see if there's anyone out there I can connect with. Not sure how active I'll be here though so I apologise if you message me and I don't respond.