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  • Massaquoi, 28 from Des Moines, IA
    28, Des Moines, IA
    I am a devoted African Catholic precisely from Liberia West Africa. I am the only Catholic in my biological family. I served mass as an alter boy for 10 years,it was my plan t...
  • Abby, 25 from Cincinnati, OH
    25, Cincinnati, OH
    Occupation: Education / Teacher / Academic Research;  Height: 5' 7";  Eye Color: Blue;  Hair Color: Blonde; &nbs...
  • Bob, 27 from Springfield, IL
    27, Springfield, IL
    Hi Everyone! I just moved to Springfield, IL, to start a new career as a corporate regulator for the state. I am passionate about many things because I eagerly accept new chal...
  • Rachel, 25 from Austin, TX
    25, Austin, TX
    Radical Athletic Catholic Healthy Elizabeth Loving Biblical Outdoors Oatmeal Knowledge Omnipotent Understanding Traditional I am interested in animals, sport...
  • Brett, 25 from Washington, DC
    25, Washington, DC
    Hello! I'm a young Catholic who has just moved to the DC area after spending my entire life in North Dakota. I haven't had much time to socialize, as school and work take up m...
  • Renee, 34 from San Bruno, CA
    34, San Bruno, CA
    I am a warm, positive, and fun person with a passion for living life to the fullest. I am very honest, intelligent and CARING but missing the companionship and fun of sharing ...
  • Camila, 32 from Sao Paulo, BR
    32, Sao Paulo, BR
    I live in a city in So Paulo, Brazil. I attended the first Mass the SSPX in 2007. Since then, watch the convent Padre Anchieta. I have a 3 year old daughter named Bernadett...
  • Camila, 32 from Sao Paulo, BR
    32, Sao Paulo, BR
    t me: I live in a town in Greater So Paulo, Brazil. I attended the first Mass the SSPX in 2007. Since then attend the priory Padre Anchieta. I have a 3 year old daughter, c...
  • Phillip, 33 from Kingston, MA
    33, Kingston, MA
    Occupation: Construction / Craftsman;  Height: 5' 11";  Eye Color: Blue;  Hair Color: Brown;  Political Vie...
  • John, 34 from Dahlonega, GA
    34, Dahlonega, GA
    I wake up every day at 530 with a prayer. Then hit the gym and head on to work. I'm a store manager from AT&T. I work a lot so my few personal hours are spent reading, meditat...
  • Maria, 29 from Plainview, TX
    29, Plainview, TX
    I like peace and quiet I only speak spanish I want a life time partner and that hes honest and has alot of faith in god I have a job and work for 12 hours but i want to ...
  • Armando, 35 from Dallas, TX
    35, Dallas, TX
    Hi I'm a 35 year old man love being around family, my kids mean the world to me. I wouldn't mind someone with kids also. I love meeting new people but I keep my circle small. ...
  • Michelle, 33 from San Francisco, CA
    33, San Francisco, CA
    hi, so i lost a wager and my sister made me go on this :) i like baseball. i love cal sports. go bears! i teach high school special ed... and i like steak, a lot!!
  • Alphonse, 30 from Boca Raton, FL
    30, Boca Raton, FL
    I live in South Florida and work as an Accountant. I'm also a Pilot who loves to fly all over Florida. There's nothing quite like being up in the sky. In my free time, I enjoy...
  • Ben, 27 from Seabrook, TX
    27, Seabrook, TX
    I am currently finishing up my Masters degree in Criminology and Administration, considering working for HPD for a few years, and possibly going to law school part time and/or...
  • Stephen, 34 from Louisville, KY
    34, Louisville, KY
    I was raised Catholic and hold fast to my faith. I am also a conservative republican. Family is one of the most important parts of my life. I am the middle of five siblin...
  • Franz Kenosis, 25 from Riyadh, SA
    25, Riyadh, SA
    I'm passionate about living my Catholic faith and inspire other Catholics to do as well. I have read the lives of the saints and it helped me a lot when it comes to spiritual...
  • Mary, 28 from Stanwood, WA
    28, Stanwood, WA
    I'm a fun and intellectual person who enjoys all kinds of heady conversations. I am particularly interested in: literature as a means of influencing culture, the power of stor...
  • Rafael, 25 from Indianapolis, IN
    25, Indianapolis, IN
    I am passionate about life and business. I look forward to traveling the world! The Legionaries of Christ have been extremely influential in my life, as well as my Columbian h...
  • Nicole, 28 from Santiago, CL
    28, Santiago, CL
    I love our catholic traditional faith and I am a catholic fighting against this terrible last times. I am a languange teacher. I lived in the UK for quite a long time, bes...