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  • Kari-1189152, 34 from Perham, MN
    34, Perham, MN
    Hello, I am very energetic and have alot of love to share. I am a very proud single mother of 2 boys. I love every minute of being a parent. I am very outgoing and love a good...
  • Sarah-1147935, 34 from Gresham, OR
    34, Gresham, OR
    S'up? I'm Sarah: sweet, lively, eccentric, full of personality, and a friend to all. I'm described as charismatic and I definitely have a strong sense of humor. ;) So, um, thi...
  • Bernadette-973539, 28 from Crofton, KY
    28, Crofton, KY
    Hello, and thanks for reading my profile! Here are a few things I find interesting, and if you find any of them interesting too then perhaps we could start a proper conversati...
  • Cory-789423, 27 from Bourbonnais, IL
    27, Bourbonnais, IL
    Hi! My name is Cory and currently I am a paraprofessional working with special needs kids. My goal is to be a high-school history teacher and be darn good at it. When I'm not ...
  • Thomas-726055, 28 from Falls Church, VA
    28, Falls Church, VA
    I have traveled halfway around the world, worked on a farm in the green fields of Erin, passed through the haunted halls of Kilmainham Gaol (prison), drank beer in pubs centur...
  • Theresa-293203, 25 from Rixeyville, VA
    25, Rixeyville, VA
    My Faith, family & friends are some of the most important things in my life.. I come from a large Traditional Catholic family, with whom I am very close. I am the 2nd of 9 - I...
  • Emily-558903, 27 from Long Beach, CA
    27, Long Beach, CA
    I seem to be in a state of consolation when I am at Mass, with family, with friends, studying my languages, playing piano, in the midst of nature, praying, and doing spiritual...
  • Marion-1193056, 25 from Salamanca, ESP
    25, Salamanca, ESP
    Our growth involves what we do with what we have along the road. This is not merely about sharing some knowledge. It is about loving God and his creation so much that it get...
  • Sean-851370, 32 from Urbana, IL
    32, Urbana, IL
    I'd like to find someone who values family and wants to have one of her own someday. A good sense of humor would be great, too! Learning about different countries, languages ...
  • Lucy-884745, 28 from Baltimore, MD
    28, Baltimore, MD
    I'm a fun-loving person who loves to laugh and just enjoy life. God, family, and friends are very important to me. I'm a lawyer at a non-profit organization. Guess that's basi...
  • Bryan-1189021, 26 from San Francisco, CA
    26, San Francisco, CA
    My name is Bryan and I am a Traditional Catholic. I live and work in San Francisco as a security guard by day and as an assistant for a real estate agent by night. I'm here b...
  • Chris-1151976, 33 from Newell, IA
    33, Newell, IA
    Hi! My name is Christine. Working on my career :) I have a small family and grew up in the culture of the 90's. I live in a small rural community. I grew up mainly in rural co...
  • Andrew-613475, 34 from Cincinnati, OH
    34, Cincinnati, OH
    Hey there, how your doing well! Thanks for stopping by my profile! Have a little fun...take my interview! And don't be shy, send me a message or emote. :) I think of my...
  • Jean-1144245, 29 from Paris, FRA
    29, Paris, FRA
    I'm 28 and I live between the West of France near Bordeaux and Paris where I work. born in France, my family is originally from Brittany which is a Celtic region deeply connec...
  • Kevin-312411, 33 from Norman, OK
    33, Norman, OK
    While I'm very fun-loving and still attracted to the fleeting happiness this world offers, I'm working hard in my Catholic spiritual life to conform myself more and more close...
  • Aili-22953, 33 from Purdys, NY
    33, Purdys, NY
    Salve! Hilaire Belloc wrote, If we are to be happy, decent and secure of our souls: drink some kind of fermented liquor with one's food; go on the water from time to time; da...
  • AndreaBibiana-1194164, 35 from Bogota, COL
    35, Bogota, COL
    Life is like a trip home. God guide us and the rest I rather have a personal conversation in chat cause there are many thinks we have to share and learn forma one to another.
  • Jakub-1192570, 28 from Kielce, POL
    28, Kielce, POL
    A simple and humble worker in the vineyard of the Lord. An enthusiast of Traditional Latin Mass and traditional catholic spirituality. A wannabe visual artist (painter, ...
  • Andrea-1079139, 28 from Liverpool, GBR
    28, Liverpool, GBR
    Hi! I'm Andrea. I live near Liverpool. I'm 28, 5'5". I'm single (never married). I like visiting places of interest, singing, reading and learning new things. I have a degree ...
  • Sarah-1149741, 26 from Kenosha, WI
    26, Kenosha, WI
    Describing me has to start with my Catholic faith, since it is the most important part of my life and the most integral part of my character. I am Catholic first, foremost, an...