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  • Andy, 29 from Chicago, IL
    29, Chicago, IL
    Welcome to my profile! I am Filipino - American who grew up in Southeast Asia and the Western United States. To me San Diego is my second home. I used to be an Archaeologist b...
  • Gabyri, 35 from Kissimmee, FL
    35, Kissimmee, FL
    About me in progress or currently unavailable...
  • Catalina, 34 from Chicago, IL
    34, Chicago, IL
    Hi i am a energy person. I enjoy all the time my life. I am from Colombia and I will find a good persons to share the faith and practice English too. Or maybe that God give me...
  • Bimby, 35 from Manila, PH
    35, Manila, PH
    I am young, Catholic and Happy. I enjoy music and I write books on wattpad. I love traveling alone because it gives my spirit and self a time to enjoy being me.
  • Laura, 31 from Boyd, MN
    31, Boyd, MN
    Hello! How are you? My name is Laura. I love the Traditional Latin Mass and the Catholic faith. I grew up on a Minnesota hobby farm in a family of 11. I am the only Catholic i...
  • Stefano, 34 from Twickenham, GB
    34, Twickenham, GB
    Born and raised in Rome, Italy, I have lived for nearly 6 years in Switzerland. I am now living and working in London as a researcher in a big hospital. I hope to get married,...
  • Marisela, 34 from Des Moines, IA
    34, Des Moines, IA
    I enjoy every moment in my lnea, Share with family and friends. With Christian blieft. My parents have been the biggest influence in my life. In my Free time i goto the movie...
  • Tomasz, 34 from New Britain, CT
    34, New Britain, CT
    Hello ladies, I'm looking for a beautiful Catholic girl who's not ashamed of her faith and is looking for a long-term relationship. At this moment I'm discerning a call to the...
  • Bianca, 27 from Distrito de Lima, PE
    27, Distrito de Lima, PE
    I am passionate about music, sing, play sports, read, go paseary watch movies.GOD in the first instance, to be a better Christian every day, my parents instill values and appl...
  • Lusine, 27 from Omsk, RU
    27, Omsk, RU
    Hi, My name is Lusine, but for foreigners it's easier to say Lusy.)) I am Armenian, was born in Georgia, but have been living in Russia all my life. So I am from Omsk, Siber...
  • Eliseo, 25 from Elk Grove, CA
    25, Elk Grove, CA
    Okay, i've joined CM, Jesus, take the wheel! Actively fighting to live my life with Christ, and for Christ. God is love, and the Church is his body. We are the body of Chri...
  • Colter, 28 from Redding, CA
    28, Redding, CA
    Looking to meet others passionate about the true faith. I am a traditional Catholic. Because of the unavailability of a traditional priest in the area i am only able to attend...
  • Florentina, 25 from Fort Meade, FL
    25, Fort Meade, FL
    Hello. First thing about me is my faith and family is very important to me including my dogs. I am a catechist teach first year of confirmation. I'm a picky eater. I love all ...
  • Mel, 35 from Usansolo, ES
    35, Usansolo, ES
    Occupation: Legal Services;  Height: 5' 7";  Eye Color: Brown;  Hair Color: Brown;  Political Views: Unknow...
  • Sultana, 32 from Wellsville, MO
    32, Wellsville, MO
    I'm a full-time paralegal and part-time student working toward law school. My children and my family are the most important things in my life. I love to read, watch movies, li...
  • Oly, 29 from Russellville, AR
    29, Russellville, AR
    About me in progress or currently unavailable...
  • Karine, 27 from Gatineau, QC, CA
    27, Gatineau, QC, CA
    Hi my name is Karine ! I am passionate about books, especially historical novels, classical art, music of all genre and black and white movies (Alfred Hitchcock). I am looking...
  • Elisha, 34 from Bayfield, CO
    34, Bayfield, CO
    I love my faith It makes me stronger everyday my family is important to me they come first we have been a rocky four years but I believe my family and I ready for joy in our l...
  • Abhishek, 30 from Brisbane, AU
    30, Brisbane, AU
    i am a health professional. i like going outdoors like bushwalking, beaches , travelling , watching movies and going to church. looking for a beautiful girl and life long marr...
  • Marc, 27 from San Antonio, TX
    27, San Antonio, TX
    Hi, I'm s really nice guy. I am new to this. Hopefully meet the right person to be my partner in crime. I enjoy my fitness ; running , hiking and going to the gym. I am al...