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  • Greg-425801, 31 from Dayton, OH
    31, Dayton, OH
    Hi, I'm Greg. I am an electrical engineer and love what I do, so I consider myself very blessed. But if you catch me outside of the office you probably wouldn't know I just ...
  • Sean-433582, 30 from Chicago, IL
    30, Chicago, IL
    Just moving back to Chicago after teaching literature at a university in Switzerland. Looking to meet new people to go out with. Pubs, museums, sports, and theater. As for act...
  • Augustine-1003744, 35 from Upper Marlboro, MD
    35, Upper Marlboro, MD
    I am a soft -spoken person, easy going. I like to take it a day at a time, love to hang out and have fun. My family have always been my greatest influence to keep working ha...
  • Andrew-739180, 26 from Sunderland, GBR
    26, Sunderland, GBR
    Having survived the Catholic Education System, I later received solid grounding in the Faith from sound clergy. I love the Faith and the Church and would consider myself to b...
  • Chris-427945, 31 from Cincinnati, OH
    31, Cincinnati, OH
    I'm just a man striving to live a Christ-centered life. As for characteristics, I'm very loyal, easy-going, analytical, and introspective. And though I have a rather independe...
  • Cataldo-787443, 33 from Rome, ITA
    33, Rome, ITA
    Jesus changed my life and Mary is my Mom:) So I'm really grateful and want to live according to the Gospel, spread our Faith as a fire on the straw of the world. I strive for ...
  • Daniela-856158, 34 from BRATISLAVA, SVK
    I like walking in the summer rain and just to be spontaneous and have that little humble soul. But the age says is time to move to higher lever and to accept someones help, su...
  • Carolyn-728524, 32 from Chicago, IL
    32, Chicago, IL
    Thanks for viewing my profile. I have lived in the Chicago area for more than 15 years, but grew up in Connecticut. I graduated from The University of Iowa and since then I ha...
  • Jonathan-1072253, 33 from Watertown, MA
    33, Watertown, MA
    Oh, hi there, My names Jonathan, some people call me Jon, others JP. I call myself Jonny Pats (but no one else does). I suppose you could call me a nerd, and I'll that ...
  • Juan-1114401, 26 from Curitiba, BRA
    26, Curitiba, BRA
    Hi with all, how are you? God bless us and let us help any other to be happy in this world, and try since our difficulties to be good people carrying others to God.
  • Stephen-92420, 35 from Glasgow, GBR
    35, Glasgow, GBR
    I'm a young Scottish Catholic who is deeply attached to the Tridentine Mass. I'm slightly old fashioned in my values and opinions, and try to treat others with courtesy and re...
  • Mark-583638, 26 from Berthoud, CO
    26, Berthoud, CO
    My name is Mark, Been living out in CO since last April, hoping to meet some new friends and possibly have a relationship I"m pretty laid back person i also like to have fun a...
  • Daria-1098591, 29 from Dallas, TX
    29, Dallas, TX
    Hello dear Catholics all around the World! My name is Darya, i'm quite new here and i'm looking for fellowships, my second half, maybe??? I would describe myself as a litt...
  • Catherine-892526, 34 from Los Angeles, CA
    34, Los Angeles, CA
    Hi. I'm Catherine. I'm an introvert at heart with periodic moments of extroversion. I love to say funny things and make people laugh! However, I tend to be serious. I'm a mela...
  • Andrea-1079139, 27 from Liverpool, GBR
    27, Liverpool, GBR
    Hi! I'm Andrea. I live near Liverpool. I'm 27, 5'5". I am single (never married). I like visiting places of interest, singing, reading and learning new things. I have a degree...
  • Mara-1033717, 29 from Saltillo, MEX
    29, Saltillo, MEX
    My name is Maria Fernanda...not Mara :) First, I like to enjoy each day...I like to know people that love God and if they dont know him is good to introduce him. On my free t...
  • Juan-832041, 31 from Toronto, ON, CAN
    31, Toronto, ON, CAN
    I recently moved back to my home town of Toronto after living in Los Angeles and the Bay area for the past couple of years. Each and everyday I strive to make myself the best...
  • Kirsten-1064175, 31 from Irving, TX
    31, Irving, TX
    Hello, my name is Kirsten. I am a loving single mother of two children. I was not ever married, and we are recent converts to the Catholic faith. I am very close with my kids,...
  • Giovanni-1077816, 35 from London, GBR
    35, London, GBR
    Buon Giorno London :-) I am an European boy from Italy. I am a really "energetic" and active boy that love the life, to meet always new people, talk and laugh most of the tim...
  • Victoria-1114807, 34 from Mexicali, MEX
    34, Mexicali, MEX
    Hello! i'm here to meet interesting people and make friends,I would like to know different views of life and share mine. I'm close to my family and are very important for me.